Thursday, May 29, 2008

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well he has finally

left, my dad that is. he was here for almost a month. way to long lmao. he spent a total of 12days at my house and the rest at my brothers house.

all in all it was a good visit but omg he would go off on these tangents about his mom and gramma and it would drive me nuts. i would have to tell him WE ARE HERE NOW so stop talking about them or he would go off on these tangents about how everyone is out to get him where he lives like tapping his phone and everything. i have no doubts that he is a paranoid schizo. most of the time i could redirect him and get him to quit but sometimes i couldn't and an hour later he would still be talking about it. drove me nutso.

that was the only negative thing. my brother and i were talking about he wasn't really getting to know us. asking us things, like our dislikes or our likes etc etc. that didn't bother me though because i don't want him asking about our past growing up because i don't want to hear the tangents kwim? i focused on staying in the present.

anywho it wasn't a bad visit but it was definitely too long of one and thank god i have my house back now. WAHOOOOO

Friday, May 23, 2008

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sorry it's been

since i have posted but i have had my bio dad here and well life has been hectic. it's going well though. my dad is a little insane but he's alright lol and his heart is in the right place.

i am healing up from my surgery but i still can't feel my pinky and ring finger. doc said it could take up to three months to totally heal. it's only been three weeks. here is a pic of my scar. not that you all want to see it but thought i would show you anyway lol.

it's still very sensitive and i have to wear this elbow pad thing that looks like a sock with padding in it to protect it. he said i do not want to bump it.

anyway i have a leak in my sink drain somewhere and it's leaking out the back of my house. we thought we had a clog but my dad and hubby snaked the drain out 75ft and nothing. my sink just fills up with water and drains out the back of my house and into my kitchen from under the cabinets. it is quite frustrating and i am hoping that it will get fixed this weekend. i am doing dishes camping style and let me tell you it is not fun.

ohh also i have been off my meds for about two or three weeks now. they were making me have involuntary movements lol yes i was moving my leg and my jaw. well forget that. she needs to find some new meds for me. also the scripts are 50 bucks a month and we are so broke right now with trying to get this sink fixed. uggh. anyway i am doing okay. having my crying moments but i am still using all my will power to stay relaxed and not stress and well just be mellow till i get these meds figured out

wish me luck on this sink problem because i am sick of it. it's going on two weeks now. uggh

everyone have a great day.

ohh kids are out of school now YIPPEEE

today i am going to clean my house and just relax maybe i will do a little gardening

ohh my dad bought me a rototiller for my birthday. okay okay so my bday isn't till june 25th but he said happy early birthday. he also spent 4 hours rototilling my garden for me since i can't do it with my elbow. i just need to get more of the weeds out and then i can start planting.

okay now everyone have a great day. i'm off to check the boards

Thursday, May 01, 2008

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well i am home

from my trip to ky. i had so much fun and it was so awesome to finally meet everyone that i have been talking to for two years now. i was so sad when i had to go. i miss them so much already.

well tomorrow is my surgery on my elbow and i am quite nervous. i hope i am not in a lot of pain or anything. i guess i will wake up with either a splint or a cast and i have to be in that for four to six weeks then i start light pt and then at 8 weeks i start heavy pt. i hope and pray this works and i can have the feeling back in my fingers and my grip strength back in that hand.

keep me in your prayers tomorrow :D

i love you all