Thursday, February 23, 2006

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Let me start off by saying this is my mom bonnie. She is not my biological mom, but someone that is very dear to me and i consider her my mom and she considers me her daughter. She is a wonderful person who has been through a lot in her life. My biological mom and i don't get along due to certain things that i will not share. Well maybe at a later date i will LOL. just not yet. I met bonniemom when i was 19yrs old and we just grew closer and closer everytime we were around each other. She is such a neat person and i can't even begin to describe everything that she is. I love her with all of my heart and i am so glad that i found her. I don't know where i would be today with out her, or her husband jerry, who i consider to be my dad. They are both very precious to me.

Now i let me tell you a little about myself. I am a stay at home mom to two kids. My son's name is dyllan and he just turned ten. WOW. My daughter's name is ashley and she just turned four. They are my sweeties and they provide quite a bit of enjoyment and challenge. As they love to test me whenever they can LOL.

These are my two beautiful children. My son plays football for the Oroville Rhino's and he loves and can't wait for the new season to start. My daughter loves to play dress up and dance around and sing song's. They are such sweeties and i am so happy that i was blessed with healthy happy kids. Well most of the time they are happy LOL. They are not perfect that is for sure. They have their moments that just make me want to scream. But what parent doesn't.

I have been married for 10 yrs now to a wonderful husband. His name is jason. We have been together for 13yrs and have been through a lot. I love him so much and am glad that i found him at such a young age and wouldn't know where i would be without him. He loves to ride mountain bikes but has strayed from it lately. I'm not sure why since he loves it. I guess he is just too tired on the weekends to go for rides anymore. No motivation to keep it up. This pic is of him just after he finished a mountain bike race. I was so proud of him that day.

I have two wonderful people who are my in-laws. I couldn't ask for better ones. Their names are Lyle and Sue. Lyle is Jason's dad. They are very sweet people and i love them a lot.

They are great grandparents too and have helped
us out a lot with our kids. Dad and sue both love to mountain bike as well. Just like jason they don't do it as much as they used to. Sue loves to scrapbook and she got me started with it and i am grateful to her for it.

Dad and sue are very much in love and it is sweet to see them together. I am so happy that dad finally found the love of his life and that sue also found the love of her life, she waited a long time for it and i am soo happy for the both of them.

I have 4 siblings but the one i am closest too is my sister heather. She is such a good sister and i love her with all of my heart. She is happily married to my husband's brother. His name is neils and he is an excellent husband. They have two adorable boys named Ethan and Kaiden. Ethan is three yrs and and Kaiden is 6months old. I am so happy that neils decided to be with heather, she couldn't deserve a more loving husband than him. Neils is such a sweetie. I met him when he had just turned thirteen and now he will be 26 yrs old in may. I can't believe it LOL. Now that makes me feel old. Ethan and Kaiden are such cuties and i love them to death. I was there when Ethan and Kaiden were born and i'm so glad i didn't miss it. I just wish they lived in the same town as i do so that i could see them more often. But i guess its not washington so i will take what i can get LOL.

Well that is the intro to my life now a days. Maybe later i will talk about what my life was like growing up. Or maybe not. not sure how i feel about that. My husband always says i should write it all down. I have often wanted to. Well i gotta go, enjoy the reading.