Wednesday, February 25, 2009

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it's been a long time since i blogged LOL. ohh well i just wasn't in the mood to write and really not sure what i am going to say right now either LOL.

we have all, meaning jason, the kids and i, been spending TONS of time at our friends house that we had not seen in over 3 yrs. long story and i won't go into the details but needless to say we are over there all the time or they are over here. it's been really nice but at the same time i am missing my sis and nephews and my mommasue a lot as well. i guess i need to find a happy medium lol. i have spent most of the last 3 and a half years on this darn computer and it feels really good to not be on it sooo stinkin much and have friends in real life that only live a couple miles from me. it feels really good to have a social life again, but i MISS talking to my sister all the time too and her sharing with me what's going on in her life and i MISS talking with mommasue.

i MISS the small details. like for instance i didn't even know my nephew lost his first tooth a couple weeks ago. HOW could i NOT know that? i guess i just feel like i am missing out on a lot of stuff with my sis but i don't miss being on this computer so damn much. so what do i do???? someone please tell me that LOL. i can't just hop in my van and drive up to heather's because my van is a POS and i don't trust it at all and she lives about 50 minutes from me :(. i really want to go up and stay the night and reconnect with her AND i am sure it's just me feeling guilty about not being in as much contact as i used to be, but i get the feeling that she's hurt that i don't talk to her as much. who the hell knows. i just know that i love her and miss her but at the same time i don't miss this computer.

ohh well!!!!!! i plan on getting a new/used vehicle with my income tax returns at the auction in orland. so hopefully i can get a good one and then i CAN drive up there when ever i want :)

we used to talk about everything, no matter how little or big and now she barely tells me anything. even when i'm home and chatting with her. i just feel like i know nothing that is going on in her life or mommasue's and vice versa. i really have to figure this out and it would really help to have a dependable vehicle.

okay well that's enough of that.

talk to you all later and have a great day :)


Anonymous Heather Rose said...

Wow, I never check the blogs, but just so happened to today, strange! I do feel very disconnected with you. I think you do need to find a happy medium, not sure what that will be though. I am very happy you have friends now (i really really am), but I admit I am sad we dont get to talk as much. yes we chat sometimes, but its very short because you usually are headed to bed, or I am having to cook or put the kids to bed. I got tired of messaging you when you weren't online. now it at least shows idle so I know you aren't there and know not to message you. I had Ethan surprise everyone at my birthday party when he lost his tooth, I know you were sick, but I admit i was very hurt you didn't come, I was missing you and really looking forward to you being there, but I just had a feeling you weren't going to be. so it hurt a lot when you canceled, but if your sick your sick. I put the picture on myspace though, sorry you didn't see it til much later. I understand not wanting to be on the computer, but you can call me too. I know you said I can call sasha and karens, but I just don't feel comfortable talking to you when you have company, I feel like I would be interrupting a visit. anyway, I love you with all my heart and I am always here for you and can wait however long I need to for you to find your happy medium, and I better see you Sunday whether you have to beg, borrow, or steal a car to get up here, LOL. Please do not get angry with this post, I do not mean to make you angry, I am not angry, I am just letting you know my feelings and I love you.

12:08 PM  
Blogger Susan Wright said...

I was just giving you some time to get reaquainted with Sasha and Karen. They are wonderful people and I am so happy you are back being friends again.
I know Heather was hurt by your absence. She never said anything to me though. I just knew because she and you are so close and I know how I would feel. I also knew it was just a matter of time and you would find that happy medium.
As for me. I am finally getting my life back. So you'll be seeing more of me. I am looking forward to the poker night when we get is arranged. We should get together and have that overnighter and chat all night. I just need time to start feeling better thought. This cold really has me run down.
Thanks for posting this sweetie. I know you love us and we love you.
And I have not checked my blog all weekend so seeing an update on your blog was a wonderful surprise.

6:39 PM  

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