Wednesday, August 06, 2008

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yah like we needed another dog lol. god i am such a sucker for dogs. if i had enough property i would have TONS of them. there are so many that i just want and not to mention rescuing them from the pound. i wish i was rich lol.

i come from a family that were always big on animals lol. my bio mom was always a cat lover and my step dad was a dog lover. my sis is more of a cat lover but she also loves dogs too and has three of them lol along with FOUR cats, so seven pets total. and you all think i'm nuts? lmao she is even more nutso then i am HAH!!!!

SO now we have four dogs, i swore i would never own more then three dogs, let alone a pit bull lol, ohh well i guess you should NEVER say NEVER LOL

so here are some cute pics of her. her name is suzy may. dyllan named her.


Blogger Sandra said...

suzy is adorable Christina!! Congratulations GF!! Hope it works out for all of you and that Dylan takes care of it and you don't want to kick it in the ass. HAHAHA!! **kidding. I'm so not an animal lover....LOL

4:50 PM  
Blogger Rebecca said...

Christina, she is so adorable!!!!!!! I had a mix pit bull years ago and I loved her so much! I am a sucker for animals too! I would have 50 dogs if I had the room for them. Oh and I love puppies. She is so darn cute! Give her big kisses for me!

6:17 AM  

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