Sunday, March 16, 2008

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boring lol

boring boring boring lol, i don't have much to tell except that i got to see my littlest brother a couple weeks ago. sorry i am just now writing about it in my blog lol. here are some pics of the four of us being goofy. from left to right, heather, ricky (he is the brother that i haven't seen since he was nine), tommy and last but not least, me.

ricky is almost 17 years younger then me. he is our youngest brother. the reason i haven't seen him since he was nine is because my step dad (heather's real dad and technically my uncle, real dad and step dad are brothers, yes my mom liked to get around) took ricky and our other brother joey (he is still in alaska) to alaska and didn't come to visit with them. there is way more to the story but i won't bore you with the details.

every time i look at the pics i crack up because we were trying to mean mug it lol and heather and i couldn't do it at all and would just bust up laughing so hard. my favorite one is the one of ricky and i laughing at each other. gosh i sure do love him.

well that is about it.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

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well i have been busy

scrapping from rebecca's four in four challenge and the lp crop. over the last month i have done 25 lo's lol that is crazy and it's safe to say that i am a wee bit burned out.

here are a few lo's that i have done.

on another note my pinky is officially useless from it being so numb and tingly. it's driving me batty and i can't wait till my doc appt so i can get it figured out on what to do to make it stop being this way. the bad thing is that it might take surgery on my elbow in order to make it stop.

life is going okay. we are still in loss midigation regarding our second mortgage and i have no idea where it is at because the girl i call never returns my phone calls. ohh well right. what else can i do. i need to talk to a supervisor or something because i hate not knowing what the hell is going on. sad news is that i am not gonna be able to make it to the crop in ky lol i always laugh when i say KY hahahahahahaha lmfao. anyway i am totally bummed about that cuz i really wanted to see all the girls and meet them all. ohh well what can i do.

well i guess that is it.

ps: sis you better spill the beans or i will for you :P lmao. love you and a big congrats to you. you totally rock!!!!!!!