Thursday, March 12, 2009

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kayaking pics

that i promised :) not sure if you can see them but there are three ducks swimming close to the shore in the pic below :)

some geese that i am not sure where they are from LOL i don't recognize them.

some of the mountain side when we first started out from shore :)

this is my best friend Sasha, she owns the kayaks and just got a new camera for christmas.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

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kayaking (sp?)

i went kayaking for the first time this last friday and it was FUN FUN FUN!!!!! sasha and i went and we took our camera's. yes yes a little bit crazy taking my dslr camera in a kayak when i had never gone before LOL but hey it was fun and i felt so comfy, like i had been kayaking my entire life :)

let me just say it is very difficult to get non blurry pictures while in a kayak LOL i mean you're in this tiny boat that is constantly moving and the wind was blowing that day too. i can't wait to go again :) you should have seen our set up. we both, obviously, had life jackets on and then we had zip hoodies on, we put our camera strap underneath the hood and then zipped our camera's up inside the hoodies so they were somewhat protected. The really funny part is that i wanted to go kayaking in this hypothermia water LOL. Basically this water, i think, dumps either into the river or into the forebay? or afterbay? anyway it comes from the bottom of the lake from the damn so it's VERY VERY COLD, but OMG sooooo very gorgeous. i was really hoping we would see the river otter there but we didn't. maybe next time :)

anyway i do have pics to post but i left my camera at sasha's house like a big ole dork. not sure how well they turned out since i only have the xt and the screen on that is tiny LOL. i'll post them later because i'm bringing my camera home today.

well i hope everyone has a great day, i'm off to finish the book i started yesterday :)