Tuesday, July 08, 2008

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we had the best fourth of july

and guess what? i didn't take ONE pic lmao.

my sister showed up about 10:30am with the kids and we just hung out. mom and dad got there around three and dad and sue got there around 4. i made chicken enchiladas, dad (jerry) made chili verde, sue made spanish rice and we had chips and salsa. everything was so nummy to my tummy. we all sat around under our big tree and just chit chatted and drank lol. the kids had tons of fun playing.

later that night we played mexican trains and had margaritas and smores lol. mom and dad brought there fire pit so we were able to have a fire to roast the marshmellows. it was so fun and relaxing.

then promptly at 9:45 we watched the fireworks show. i love being able to see our fireworks from my back yard.

then we played more mexican trains and just gabbed and gabbed. dad played the banjo too. then we all went to bed around midnight.

the next morning i made breakfast burritos for everyone and then everyone left around 12ish.

all in all it was a great 4th of july. best one i have had in years.

i thought it was so funny that we were celebrating an american holiday and we have all mexican food LMAO but omg it was so nummy