Saturday, April 01, 2006

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My closest friends moved back to missouri today :( They were such great friends and i am going to miss them soooo much. their names were tammy and jason, which is funny because my husbands name is jason and my best friend through jr highschool and highschool name was tammy. they have two kids that are about the same age as my kids. the kids got so close that it was like they were all brother's and sister's. they fought like they were LOL. when they first told us they were moving on january 1st they invited us to move with them, we actually thought about it since being here doesn't seem to work out. sometimes it feels like we make one step forward and 3 steps back, never getting anywhere in life. so the temptation to try life somewhere else was up there. i would miss my family entirely too much and thats why we decided to stay.
dyllan and ashley are so sad, we all cried when they left. they are living so far away now, but we will make sure that we can visit just like i know that they will come and visit.

We all became like family, always making it to each kids's birthday's and so on. they even came over on christmas this last year. i love and care for them like they are my family and i will miss them so much. the kids used to stay the night all of the time and i'm going to miss those little boogers soooo much.

We met them in june of 2003 but saw them move in across the street from us in april of that year. they are so much like jason and i and its so rare for jason and i to find friends that are a lot like us. LOL yes we are kinda strange, just kidding. the way we raise are kids is very similar so it was so easy to get to know them. we had great times, especially on poker night LOL. tammy doesn't usually drink that much but on new years she drank a lot and ended up on my floor puking lol, you can only do that with friends LMAO. she felt so bad the next day, her husband came over the next day to pick up the kids and he cleaned up the mess LOL. we have a lot of fond memories and i will treasure them forever. they forgave jason when he screwed up one poker night and did some things that he shouldn't have, only true friends would have forgave him. on one poker night i got really drunk and entertained everyone with my philosophy LOL. i walked up to my jason and said very seriously "if your here its where your at" LOL. i barely remember everyone just cracking up and of course no one lets me live it down lol.
so we each have had our moments of fun and getting a little too drunk, whats funny is that only one person at each incident got that drunk while everyone else maintained, it was like we were taking turns LOL. I know that some of you readers might think that those nights are silly and shouldn't be happening at our age, but thats what i mean by the four of us being so much a like. just cuz we are getting older doesn't mean that we have to act grown up ALL of the time LOL.

The kids have had their moments of constant bickering when they would get around each other. it was so funny, tammy and i would talk about it saying that they act like they are brothers and sisters LOL. The kids were so cute together. I took analicia and ashley down to get their photos done for free and they came out so cute. they look like they could be sisters LOL. Lici (thats her nickname) was born on january 15 2001 and ashley was born on december 6 2001, so they are almost a year apart. I absolutely love this picture of them. The picture below was what i made for tammy for her birthday.

It is so true, they truely did become like sisters. i am going to miss lici sooo much and i love her like she was my own and i know that tammy loved ashley like she was her own. Jason, the pesimist, seems to think that we won't keep in touch but i know that we will, i think that he is just sad that they moved and that is how he chooses to deal with it.

Calvin and dyllan became so much like brothers, they played football together for the oroville rhino's and had a lot of good times. their they are right next to each other like they were most of the time. sorry the pic isn't all that good. for those of you who are reading and don't know what they look like, they are the two cuties looking back at us taking the pic. It was their first year playing and at the beginning of the year didn't get to play all that much. the expressions on their faces are saying "when are we going to get to play?" They both ended up doing really well and got to play in the games a lot by the end of the year.

They loved to go fishing but didn't go very often, well karen took them fishing one day and dyllan actually caught a fish. They were so excited, they came home and told me all about it with such excitement in their voices. Its so cute how kids get excited and the animation that they show when they are telling you the story.

Dyllan and calvin look a lot a like too. At least i think so anyway LOL. Calvin was born on August 21st 1997 and dyllan was born on February 2 1996, so they are about a year and a half apart. It is so rare to find friends that have two kids about the same age as your own kids, especially with the boy being born first and the girl second and dam near the same distance apart. I will probably not find that again and they probably won't either, that is one of the reasons that i know we will always be friends. Just too many things in common.

Sadly out of the three years that i have know them i didn't get any pictures of tammy and jason. I know, what kind of scrapbooker am i, not to get any pics of my closest friends. I'm sure that now that they live so far away we will get pics of them LOL, and they will of us. Its funny that it will take them moving 2000 miles away for us to get pics of each other.

Well i guess i don't have any more to say, except that this day will be sad for all of us and they will be missed a great deal. One good thing about all of this is that we will be able to go visit and site seeing when we do, I CAN'T WAIT. :)