Friday, March 31, 2006

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Christina Loves......

I've been tagged by my sister heather. This is a funny game where you type in your name into google and the word loves and see what google gives you LOL. I got a lot of christina aquilera stuff.

Christina Loves Sweet....(yes i do if they are around, but i don't usually buy them.)

♥ChRiStiNa LoVes TrAcE♥ (who?)


Christina loves her new look...(sure why not LOL)

christina loves her bum...(no i really don't)

Sexy singer CHRISTINA loves being criticised for her bizarre dress sense..(I'm not a singer lol)

Christina loves pieces by Roberto Cavalli...(who?)

Christina loves colour..(okay)

Christina loves the band limp Bizkit...(not so much)

Christina loves movie popcorn....(yes i sure do)

Christina loves to dote on her animals...(very true)

Christina loves art and English...(no way)

Christina loves cops....(not really, if they are talking about the show that is)

Christina Loves Katherine...(nope sure don't)

Christina loves you!...(maybe)

Christina loves a man with a sense of humor and a great smile....(sure)

Christina loves Travis....(who?)

Christina loves touring in Japan...(never been there, but would love to some day)

christina Loves johnny....(who?)

Christina loves to travel....(yes i would someday)

Christina loves outdoors and movies...(ture)

Christina loves being Mommy to Matthew.....(no but i love being mommy to dyllan and ashley)

Christina loves applying her.....(self, yes i do)

Christina loves horse racing, football, the sea, being involved with the Motor Neurone Disease

Association, animal welfare and drinking ...(well i love the sea and animal welfare and watching my son play football)

Christina loves to shop, read, watch movies, ...(for the most part)

Christina loves hearing and seeing familiar Broadway musicals.....(never have so how would i know)

Christina loves her a lot......(well i love my sister, mom, daughter and MIL)

Christina loves more cops.....(already answered that one)

Christina loves westerns....(depends)

Christina loves Niagara Custom Lab for it has saved her whinny-ass many a time. ...(LOL)

Christina loves sharing what she considers ”the best job in the world" ...(yes i do LOL, being a mom)

Christina loves him....(well i love my husband, son, dad, FIL, and last but not least BIL)

Christina loves languages and speaks French, Creole, and English fluently.....(nope)

Christina loves designing and loves to help new companies with their branding initiatives..(not)

Christina loves her life and everyday.....(i sure do)

Christina loves to ride this during Wishes fireworks especially since ...(ride what?)

Christina loves working......(no i really don't LOL)

Christina loves to play basketball....(NOT)

Christina loves photographing ......(how did they know LOL)

Christina Loves Brutus....(who?)

Christina loves sexy, body-fitting clothes....(if i had the body for that i'm sure i would LOL)

Christine loves writing music....(no, i have no idea how to write music)

Christina loves to explore and celebrate the beauty of the world around her ...(i guess i do LOL)

Christina loves animals ....(very very much)

Christina loves writing .....(sometimes)

Christina loves science......(this is very true)

Christina loves using MAC cosmetics....(huh?)

Christina loves our parakeet "Dodo".....(no i don't like caged birds)

Christina loves to travel with her Australian husband....(my husband is not australian)

Christina loves the Congo....(i'm sure i would)

We know that Christina loves.... (it said something nasty that i will not repeat LOL)

Christina loves volleyball...(NOT)

Christina loves him too.....(who?)

christina loves sunny days....(yes i do and i am getting sick of the rain)

Christina loves to spoil her dog Maggie....(how did they know i had a dog named maggie?)

Christina loves to be petted and rolls over for more....(LOL)

Christina loves to hear from fans.....(don't think that i have any, but i love getting comments on my blog LOL)

okay that was what google gave me LOL, i went through the first ten pages and decided that was enough lol.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

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The Joy and Pain of getting a Hysterectomy.........

What fun I had LOL. I had a hysterectomy done on the 20th of march. The plan of attack was to have it done laproscopacally and then out the vagina, he then was going to do a cystoscopy because of my interstitial cystitis to see how my bladder was healing from the elmiron that I take.
However that did not happen. He had to cut me open and pull everything out the old fashion way LOL. I had sever abdominal and pelvic adhesions that were adhered from my uterus to my bladder and abdominal area. The adhesions and pulled my bladder half way up my uterus, which is what the first pic in the left corner shows. Not sure what the second pic is except that it shows more adhesions. The third pic is of a cyst on my left ovarie and the fourth pic is of the endometriosis that is on my abdominal wall. He found that by accident. It is very rare for it to be on the abdominal wall and I was the first case for him to see it there. He happened upon it when he pointed the scope over to the right side to see where he wanted to make his next incision. Anyway the adhesions that had connected to my bladder were extremely bad and when he was trying to get them off he accidentally punctured my bladder. So then of course a urologist had to come in and repair it. Due to the fact that my bladder was punctured I woke up with a catheter and was informed that I would be going home with it. When I woke up from the surgery I was in so much pain, I couldn't believe how much pain I was in. They kept giving me shots of morphine that wasn't doing anything. They maxed out the dosage that they could give me and I was still crying from the pain that I was in. They ended up giving me a shot for bladder spasms and another shot that was a heavy duty anti-inflamatory, which between all of those finally got my pain under control. THANK GOD.

My doctor did end up getting everything out and told me that I was quite a challenge for him and that I had plenty of reasons for having the problems that I was having. I have had this doctor for 13 years now and he is great. He is very understanding and explains things so well. His bedside manner is excellant and I am going to miss him a great deal when he retires.

The original surgery was supposed to be about an hour and a half but ended up being a four hour long process with my poor husband waiting and wondering what was taking so long. I felt so bad for him because he was all alone waiting by himself with no one to talk to to pass the time.
My husband, Jason, was waiting for me when I was rolled to my room. He looked so worried and grateful that I was okay. He then called my sister to let her know that I was out of surgery and that she could come on over. He then called my mom's cell phone to tell her how it went but her cell was turned off by accident and she ended up calling my room and was upset that he hadn't called her. She felt so bad that she couldn't be there but I totally understood as to why she couldn't.

My mom has been having a bad RA flair and just couldn't make it and I am glad that she stayed home and took care of herself. She told me that she felt guilty and sad that she couldn't be there for me, I can't imagine what that would feel like, if she needed me and I couldn't be there for her I would feel so..... I really don't think words can describe how that would feel. I love her and dad so much and I know it killed both of them not being able to be here but I understood with all of my heart. They were there for me emotionally and thats what matters.

My father in law and mother in law had my two wonderful kids and came through for jason and I like champions. I don't know what jason and I would have done with out them. They took the kids for us the day before the surgery dropping them at school and picking them up for us. Thank you so much, dad and sue, for doing everything that you did for us. I'm sure my surgery was hard on you as well. This is what sue wrote regarding how they felt during and after my surgery and how things went with the kids...........

"When Christina first told me she was having a hysterectomy I thought, “lucky girl” but I was worried just the same. Surgery is very serious and anything could happen. I wish that I could have been in the waiting room the day she had her surgery. I have used up all my time off so I had to go to work.
In the meantime, Dyllan and Ashley spent the night with us and Lyle took them to school and then picked them up again. I was a little concerned about having them stay over on a work night. I was afraid I wouldn’t sleep well for some reason. Lyle made is so easy. He helped get them up and made sure they were dressed and ready for school while I made them some oatmeal. The kids were fantastic. They didn’t fight. They sat and watched Harry Potter with me. I love Harry Potter movies. lol Then they went to bed without any argument at all. It helped that their bed at our house is just a few feet from the TV. They could watch the movie until they fell asleep.
I thought about Christina all morning the day of the surgery and finally called the hospital to find out if she had come through the surgery ok. Jason answered and said he had just talked to Lyle. Funny, as I was talking to Jason an e-mail from Lyle popped up on the work computer telling me he had heard from Jason. Jason told me there had been some complications so the surgery last longer than expected.
We found out then we would be keeping the kids all week except for Tuesday. I stopped and picked them up on my way home from work that evening. They did great. Dyllan was very helpful with Ashley. He helped her brush her teeth and get ready for bed each evening. Finally, Friday arrived. After picking Ashley up from school that day I stopped by the grocery store and then went home and made some Tamale Pie for their dinner. After Dyllan got out of school I dropped them off at their home and they loved seeing their mom at home. I didn’t realize Jason would be a while before getting home or I would have waited a little longer before leaving the kids with Christina. I felt bad after reading her post on our scrapbook forum. She said she was nervous about having the kids alone for so long. Oops! Sorry Sweetie. Sometimes you have to beat me over the head to make me understand what you need. Never having been a mom it just doesn’t come naturally to me.
I made Enchiladas for their dinner Saturday night but we were a little late taking them to the house. They said they enjoyed them just the same. I’m glad.
All in all I wish it had been me getting the hysterectomy. No more periods would be idyllic."
Thank you sue for writing that, it means a lot to me and now I have it for when I scrapbook my surgery experience.

Jason brought the kids in to visit me on tuesday. They were worried about me and I could see it in their little faces. Ashley pretty much stayed away from me, I think it was because she was scared, and dyllan looked like he wanted to do something to make me feel better but didn't know what. Anyway, jason had to work the next day so dad and sue took the kids for him tuesday evening and kept them until friday afternoon. That was so awesome of them. Sadly I didn't get any pics of them visiting me in the hospital. OHH WELL.
Jason came to visit me every evening and stayed for an hour or so before he went home to do home stuff. I love my man so much and I know that this surgery scared the crap out of him. I knew that everything would be fine but I'm sure that didn't make him feel any better.
My sister came to visit everyday, and sometimes twice a day. She was so awesome. It was so nice being in the same town as her LOL. Her being able to come over when ever she wanted was soooo cool. I did get pics of them visiting, meaning her, neils and the kids.
This is a picture of me doing my breathing thing that I had to do. I guess when you have surgery done it really limits your lungs and can cause pneumonia. So respiratory therapist came in and told me to use this breathing thing, to take 10 deep breaths on this every hour that I was awake. What a pain in the boooty LOL, but I did it like a good girl. Ethan was sooo cute when he visited, he was so concerned for me and wanted to make me feel better, we did a lot of cuddling. It was so cute, and nice to have auntie and ethan time. Usually he doesn't pay hardly any attention to me, too busy playing with dyllan and ashley. I really loved spending that time with him. He has been having problems at school, so one day before he left the hospital I asked him to do me a favor, I asked him to be nice to timmy, the other kids and his teacher for me when he went to school the next day. He said okay and sure enough he was, I was so happy that he listened to me, it made me feel so good and happy inside. I love my cutie nephews :)

This is a picture that heather took of me while I was coughing. LOL. Coughing hurt like a son of a bitch. The expression on my face says it all LOL. Although it was not the least bit funny at the time. Coughing made me feel like my insides were going to explode and I hated every minute of it.
As you can see ethan is still snuggling with me. LOL. such a cutie. I wish I would have gotten pics of dyllan and ashley when they came to visit. Getting a pic of their concerned faces would have been perfect. When they were getting ready to leave the hospital they both got teary eyed. I felt so bad. I cried after they left.

I love this picture of ethan and I. I think that it is so cute, and I love the fact that my sister took it in black and white. We were talking about my IV and what it does for me and how they inject the medicine into the IV. It was so cute answering all of his questions. He was so gentle when he was laying next to me. He can be such a sweetie. I wished dyllan and ashley could have visited more but understood why they couldn't. I knew that they missed me and loved me just as much as I missed and loved them.

This is another picture of ethan and I talking more about my IV and how it goes into my arm and that he needed to be careful around as to not hurt me by accidentally bumping or pulling on it.

Here is a cute picture of kaiden and I. I of course could not have him there for very long because he liked to wiggle too much LOL. But it felt good to have him cuddle with me for a little while.

And this of course is a picture of both of them with me. I love the smile on my face LOL. Ethan could barely fit on the bed.
Ohh yeah I forgot to mention that she brought me balloons, one saying get well soon and the other one saying "its a boy" LMAO. The joke is that I did my recovery in the maternaty ward LOL, so she figured since I was there she would give me a balloon saying that. I thought it was tooo funny.

Here is a pic of both of the balloons. My wonderful wubby bought me a beautiful bouquet of flowers, I unfortunately did not get a pic of it since I didn't have my camera with me. Trust me though, they were beautiful and I loved them so much, they came in a really cute pot that I'm going to save and plant something in it. Jennifer also brought me a balloon and bath set, which I thought was very thoughtful and nice of her.

This is what my sister wrote on how she felt while I was in surgery and recovering after the surgery.....

"While you were in surgery I was at the gym, and I kept thinking about you and how your surgery was going. I couldn't wait to see you after wards. When I got home I called to see if you were out of surgery yet, you still weren't. I wasn't to worried because I wasn't sure if just because it was scheduled for 7:30, means that it was going to be started at 7:30 or not. I busily cleaned my house and took care of Kaiden. When Dad called and told me you were out of surgery i was so relieved and excited. When he told me there was complications, i kept wondering what they were. I called Mom and told her, and then wasn't sure if you wanted me there right after wards or if you needed to be alone, but Mom reassured me you would want me there. I felt like a dork for even thinking that you wouldn't. But i have never had surgery, so wasn't sure how you would feel after wards. I got to the hospital right away, and kept telling myself i wouldn't cry, lol, but of course, the moment i walked in and saw you in the bed i cried. You looked so tired and out of it still, and very much in pain. It was really hard seeing you in so much pain and so helpless. I wanted to take it all way, but couldn't. It was nice seeing you throughout the day, and i could tell that as the day went on, you started feeling better because your color came back little by little and your eyes were coming more to life. Each time i visited it got easier and easier, but was never easy, lol. Now i know what it was like for you to see me in pain, its hard! I almost didn't want to be there and see it because it hurt so much to see you hurting so much, but no way would i ever leave you because of how i felt, lol, i know you needed me, and i loved being there for you. It was so fun visiting and gossiping. I love you and am glad you can now live life period free!! "

My sweet sister, I love you too. Sorry you had to see me like that.

Anyway on thursday dad called me because Ashley wanted to talk to me. Her little voice sounds tooo damn cute on the phone. I was so happy to talk to her, I missed them sooo much it was unreal. Thank you dad for having her call me.

My stay in the hospital wasn't too bad. Most of my nurses were great. My night nurse was really nice but not too competent, I had to point out to her that I wasn't producing hardly any urine, when she should have noticed that on her own. Ohh well. Anyway when my dr came in the next morning he prescribed two shots of lasix through out the day, and boy did that kick my kidneys into high gear LOL, I then produced tons of urine, nurses had to keep emptying my catheter bag. Then the next night she didn't flush my IV out at all and when dr davis came in the next morning I asked if he was going to have them take it out, he said that he liked to keep them in just in case they had to re-hook me back up, but since my nurse didn't flush it out the IV ended up going bad and it got removed anyway. OHH WELL. LOL I didn't really care except that she didn't do her job which made me nervous. On the very last day I had a really funny nurse. She was very sweet and very on the ball. I never had to page her for more pain meds, she always came to me when they were due. She asked me how I was feeling having just had a hysterectomy, none of the other nurses did that so I thought it was cool, I told her that I was happy with it because I had already had my tubes tied and my uterus and ovaries were causing me nothing but problems. It was just nice that she asked. When I got discharged she told me that my catheter was a friendly reminder for me not to do anything, good way to look at it LOL.
My sister picked me up and drove me home, that was on a thursday, so total time in hospital was four days :) sweet sister. Dad and sue kept dyllan and ashley until friday afternoon and when sue dropped them off she also dropped dinner off with them, :) sweet mother in law. I was so nervous having the kids home with me by myself, but all in all they did real well.
I got my catheter taken out on the 28th and boy was I happy, it was such a pain in the ass having to carry that thing around with me and sleep with it. I had the catheter in for a total of 9 days. My recovery feels like it is going so slow. I still have quite a bit of pain and cramping for being ten days later. I actually called my nurse at dr. davis's office today just to make sure that it was normal for me to still be having as much pain and cramping that I still have. She of course said yes which made me feel better LOL. Its a continuing process, but was well worth it. :)

I got my pathology and surgical reports too. when I srapbook this experience those will be in it as well. :) the path report said that the uterine serosa show fibrous hemorrhagic adhesions with out diganostic features of endometriosis. the ovaries contain multiple small cysts of fillicular origin. there is no evidence of neoplasm or active inflammatory disease. the fallopian tubes are microscopically unremarkable. the endometrial cavity is triangular with some hemmorrhage material in the center, uterus weighed 151 grams and measures 8cm in length and 4 x 2.5 cm in fundal dimensions. Ovaries on cut section shows numerous hemorrhagic cysts but are otherwise unremarkable. soft tissue biopsy consists of fibroadiopse fragments with evidence of fibrosis. there is also considerable coagulative artifact. several distorted cellular foci are identified. these foci may represent endometriosis. due to the extensive coagulative artifact how they cannot be identified.

okay that was pretty much the jist of the path report LOL. not that any of it makes sense to me.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

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Well I haven't written on here in a while, I couldn't decide what to write about :) So I'm just going to say how my life has been going recently. First my surgery had been postponed till the 20th because of insurance reasons, I was upset at first but then I was fine with it.
Dyllan got sick a little while back and he was pretty miserable for about 4 days. He ran a fever for those four days and was throwing up and diarheaing himself to death:( of course he always managed to make it to the bathroom, thank god LOL, and then ashley and I got this cough that wouldn't go away, she ended up getting a fever for 4 days and felt like crap, I ended up taking her in to the doctor and she had developed a secondary infection in the upper part of her lungs. The doctor put her on zythromax and now she is doing much better. She finally woke up this morning with no fever..YEAH. Poor girl just did not feel good :( She lost 4lbs in one week because of it. But she will gain it back real quick I'm sure. I might be able to take her back to preschool tomorrow. I thought I was going to have to cancel my surgery again because of this cough. I made an appointment for today but decided to go into the walk in clinic yesterday. Talk about a miserable experience. I had to bring Ashley with me and we sat in the waiting room for 2 hrs and then finally got called and then we sat in the room where the see you for another 45 minutes with out being seen. Meanwhile Ashley is starting to feel worse and worse. The doctor was too busy talking to two other ppl in suits about things such as his yard and how it looks, and didn't even care that his patients were waiting on him. I finally said F*** this and went to the front desk and said that I was leaving, they asked me my name and asked if I was in a room, and I told them yes and that I had been waiting there for 45 minutes with my sick daughter, and then I walked out. When I got home poor ashleys temperature went up to 102.3, and b4 I left it was only 100.2 and she wasn't feeling too bad. She sure was by the time we got home. I was so pissed at that doctor. Everytime I have gone in there with my sister for her appointments or my SIL for her appointments it has always taken that long, and it was usually because the Doc was bullsh***ing. I'm going to turn their clinic into the better business bureau. There is no reason for that long of a wait to happen.
On the brighter side, when I got home I called my Gynecologist who is doing the surgery and informed them that I had this cough that wouldn't go away and they called in a perscription for me (zythromax), so that made me feel much better LOL.

Dyllan is learning to finally stand up for himself, last week he got suspended for punching this kid who has been picking on him since third grade, dyllan is in fourth grade now, I was proud of him because I am so sick of kids doing that to him. He is a very sweet sensitive kid and I hated him coming home crying because of the other kids picking on him. I wanted to go beat them up LOL. Of course I can't. Well yesterday dyllans teacher came up to my van to talk to me about dyllan knocking this kid on his ass. Well the teacher said that he can only go by what he see's but he didn't see what happened to lead up to dyllan doing that. The kid that he knocked down was keeping this ball away from him when he was trying to bring it in because recess was over. I asked the teacher "can you not ask questions?" he of course said yes but that he still can only go by what he see's. Anyway we had a long conversation and I told him how I felt about dyllan getting picked on and that I'm glad he is standing up for himself. Of course he says that dyllan should let them know who is picking on him but if he does that then those kids will pick on him more. I told him all of this and that I remember what it was like to be in grade school and getting picked on and the last thing you want to do is tattle because that creates more problems. I got my point across and that is what I wanted to do.

Well thats what has been going on in my life lately. :)